AGR’s Commitment to Tailored, Dynamic Automation Solutions

We know that quality and dependability are as important on the assembly line as in the final product. That’s why we work with you from the start, custom designing an automation system that will exceed your expectations and be flexible enough to grow with you as your product demands change.


AGR selects the most appropriate platform and technologies, solves complex automation problems, and provides the most cost-effective automation solution available.


Our Philosophies

We treat companies as more than clients; we treat them as partners in a shared journey toward growth and innovation.

We exist to provide challenging, rewarding and secure jobs for our team members and to benefit our community.

To be the preferred manufacturer of turnkey special purpose machinery, long recognized for:

  • The innovation and quality of our equipment
  • The integrity and talent of our people
  • Our positive influence on the community

  1. We follow the Golden Rule by treating employees, customers and suppliers as we want to be treated.
  2. We support the health and welfare of our people and their families by encouraging family first, providing meaningful work, and generous benefits.
  3. We behave ethically by always doing the right thing even when no one is looking.
  4. We always do right by the customer by delivering what we promise and striving to exceed expectations.
  5. We have an environment of continuous learning by providing opportunities for career growth and supporting higher education and specialized training.
  6. We recognize good work by celebrating successes, giving timely recognition, and ongoing feedback.
  7. We aim to strengthen our environment of accountability by supporting each other to meet our commitments.
  8. We take pride in our Company and quality of work by taking personal responsibility and delivering excellence.
  9. We serve our local and global community by supporting those in need and the development of the future manufacturing workforce.
  10. We consider our environmental impact by recycling and minimizing our energy and resource consumption.

We will consistently provide our customers with proven automation systems and support services of world-class quality. This will be achieved through commitment to meet or exceed customer expectations as stated in agreed upon specifications and by the continuous monitoring, analysis, and improvement of our quality system.

The AGR Story

Our Founders

Arthur G. Russell: A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a major in mechanical and industrial engineering. Arthur Russell served his business and his local community with equally inspired devotion until his passing in 1970. The company still follows his example of treating employees with care and striving to make a difference in our local community.

Frederick H. Clymer: A graduate of Lehigh University with a major in metallurgy.

Noble Willis: A graduate of Kansas State with a major in electrical engineering.

Our Founders

Started with 5 Employees

The Arthur G Russell Company opened for business in October, 1945 in a Forestville, Connecticut office. Arthur Russell opened the business as a place where the company’s founders could use their wartime responsibilities for underwater ordnance projects with the Naval Ordnance Laboratory to engineer and build special purpose machinery.


Grew to 60 Employees

The company focused efforts on custom machinery to produce 8-penny nails, stranded small wire cable, packaged meat, bailed newspaper, and small assembled electrical components.


Bodine Acquisition

AGR acquired Bodine Automation Technology in 2014, including its intellectual property, engineering/service operations, and parts inventory.

Founded in 1933 as Bodine Corporation, the company was an iconic brand and a recognized leader in automated assembly technology, primarily for the automotive, electrical, hardware, electronics, and consumer products industries.

AGR continues to support and strengthen the Bodine brand.


160 Employees and Growing

Our business has expanded to a 100,000 square foot facility due to a great focus on quality, strong customer relationships, and being able to deliver world class assembly machines that our customers can run for decades.


Patents That Drive Innovation

Over the years, key contributors at AGR had ideas of breakthrough technologies and the desire to bring them to life. Many of which are still in use today.

23 patents have been awarded in the field of automation.

Our experts will custom design an automation system that will exceed your expectations.