With over 75 years of experience designing, building, and installing automation systems and equipment, The Arthur G Russell Company (AGR) has helped get thousands of products into the marketplace.

We know that quality and dependability are as important on the assembly line as in the final product. That’s why we work with you from the start, custom designing an automation system that will exceed your expectations and be flexible enough to grow with you as your product demands change.

AGR selects the most appropriate platform and technologies, solves complex automation problems, and provides the most cost-effective automation solution available.



  • 0:04 – The Arthur G Russell Company
  • 0:47 – Multi-Lane Feeders
  • 1:13 – Reliable Automation
  • 1:23 – Superior Tech Team
  • 1:57 – Packing Perfection
  • 2:24 – Made in the USA
  • 2:45 – Liquid Dispensing
  • 2:59 – Vision Dispensing
  • 3:22 – Continuous Motion
  • 3:39 – High Speed Feeding