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A system for displaying alphanumeric messages includes a unitary visual display device having a limited number of character display stations at each of which a character may be created in response to a set of signals applied to the character station. A memory stores a plurality of complete message units which form a number of complete messages and some of the complete messages are multi message unit messages made up of a number of complete message units in a sequence. The message units in a multiple message unit message are automatically accessed from memory and displayed in the time space relationship by the display device one complete messages unit at a time.

The memory may also store complete message units having a stored message component in a real time message component. A predetermined number of characters stations are automatically reserved to display real time characters in a complete message unit that have stored iand real time message component.

System for Displaying Alphanumeric Messages

System for Displaying Alphanumeric Messages

Date: April 1987

Inventor: Gerald L. Buchas