The invention provides a method of an apparatus for inspecting a label applied to a container. The method includes the steps of:
  • placing the container on a rotatable platform
  • rotating the platform
  • detecting an edge of the label as the container rotates on the rotating platform
  • stopping rotation of the platform at a predetermined position relative to the position of the detected edge of the label
  • advancing the container to a label inspection station
  • viewing the label using a machine vision label inspection system
  • comparing an image obtained by the machine vision inspection system with established criteria to determine if the label meets predetermined standards for the label
  • selectively directing the container to a reject outlet if the label does not match the predetermined standards for the label.
Appartus and Method for Centralized Indexed Inspection and Rejection of Products

Inventors: John Michelotti, Ken P.Berlingo. Brian P. Romano. Brian E. Schwerkolt,