A system for displaying alphanumeric messages has a display device with a robot character stations that each of which may be created for display in response to a set of signals applied to the character station. A memory device stores a plurality of message fragments and a real time means provides a plurality of real time message fragments respectively representing a corresponding plurality of real time conditions.

A control circuit in response to certain input conditions selects one stored message fragment and one real time message fragment and converts them to sets of signals applied to one to one relationship to the character stations to cause the display of a meaningful complete message by the display device.

The memory may also store some complete messages which are convertible by a control circuit, without any input from the real time means, in two sets of signals which are applied to one on one relationship to the character stations of the display device to cause that display a meaningful complete message.

System for Displaying Alphanumerical Messages Having Stored and Real Time Components

System for Displaying Alphanumerical messages having stored and real time components

Date: April 1983

Inventor: Warren E. Dion