The Arthur G. Russell Company (AGR) opened for business in October, 1945 in a Forestville, Connecticut office. AGR opened the business as a place where the company’s four founders could use their wartime responsibilities for many different underwater ordnance projects with the Naval Ordnance Laboratory to engineer and build special purpose machinery.

Who were our founders?

Arthur G. Russell himself: A graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a major in mechanical and industrial engineering. Arthur Russell served his business and his local community with equally inspired devotion until his passing in 1970. The company still follows his example of treating employees with care and striving to make a difference in our local community.

Frederick H. Clymer: A graduate of Lehigh University with a major in metallurgy.

Noble Willis: A graduate of Kansas State with a major in electrical engineering.

Who are we at AGR?

AGR started in 1945 with five employees. Over time the company grew to employ 60 people that focused efforts on custom machinery to produce 8 penny nails, stranded small wire cable, packaged meat, bailed newspaper, and small assembled electrical components. Today, AGR continues to take on various types of challenging problems our customers face with the assembly and production of their products.

We specialize in medical device assembly but will take on many other types of product assembly. We have a unique ability to take on many types of projects due to not having a standard machine to build from. We are able to design and build any type of machine that we feel best suits the needs of our customers products. We specialize in synchronous, power and free, continuous motion and in-line assembly machines.

Our business has grown to 160 professionals housed in a 100,000 square foot facility due to a great focus on quality, strong customer relationships and being able to deliver world class assembly machines that our customers can run for decades.

The success of our business is kept alive by strong partnerships we develop with our customers that have been built over years of doing business together.