AGR is widely known for engineering and building automation systems that reliably meet product demands. But our expertise doesn’t stop there–we understand current trends that could disrupt production strides.

We’ve developed value-added options to help minimize the issues that cause costly downtime.

Top 4 Changes Effecting Production

We understand your priorities, how today’s changes are impacting your operation and where the opportunities exist to help you keep your production lines operating at high OEE.

Remote Support and Troubleshooting Service Contracts


Over the last few years, more and more companies have relied on AGR to provide the troubleshooting and support they need to minimize stoppages and to maintain the production levels needed.

Whether a result of staff turnover or seasoned staff retiring, different operator capabilities on different shifts or changes to products that require programming changes, we can help. AGR offers Remote Support Contracts designed to address your specific needs, challenges and requirements. Contact us about remote support contracts >

i4.0 Support and Field Service

Industry-leading support and field service enabled by an Industry 4.0 hardware and software interface. AGR will work with you to choose the appropriate level of support needed based on current staffing and capabilities, level of visibility into production data, and advanced analytics desired along with your specific priorities and goals.

AGR will provide remote monitoring services to look at production, fault and alarm data to help identify potential maintenance or process issues.

We’ll help you stay ahead of potential issues and leverage the data in order to help you find gains that are often not obvious. Add to this the availability of remote support in blocks of hours and preventative maintenance service trip(s) and you’ve got the support to keep production lines operating at high OEE. Get more details about i4.0 support and field service >


Customized Onsite Training


Over the years, we’ve seen that those customers trained on the specific technology and specialty items on their AGR machine do much better when it comes to keeping their machines operating and at a higher level of effectiveness and efficiency. However, the last few years have brought about higher staff turnover, making it more difficult to maintain a consistent level of capabilities across team members and shifts.

AGR can provide customized, onsite training services specific to your AGR machine and your team’s needs. We’ll work with you to customize the training to help trainees understand how the system operates, troubleshoot faults, and work with your team as they operate and sustain the machine to provide real-time input and feedback. Contact us about onsite training >

Critical Spare Parts Assessment

Do you need help determining which spare parts you should be keeping on hand? An increased focus on improving production levels, minimizing vulnerabilities, and improving resiliency requires a thorough review of the spare parts that should be on hand as a first step.

Understanding those critical spare parts, lead times for other parts, and which items may be facing obsolescence in the near term and you’re well on the way. AGR can help you through this review process based on your equipment, its condition, and your production demands. Contact us about a spare parts assessment >

Spare Parts

Preventative Maintenance Service


Service is critical to keeping your AGR equipment performing at its best. Our preventative maintenance team will come onsite to perform routine maintenance as described in the AGR manual while also identifying any other items that are in need of attention.

Our preventative maintenance service option is perfect for anyone whose staff is stretched thin or no longer has the in-house staff able to complete the work needed. Contact us about preventative maintenance on your AGR machine >

Proof of Principle and R&D Projects

Considering making changes to your assembly process or have concepts you think can improve your line or product? Have you developed a new product and need to determine how to automate production to achieve the volume needed?

Let our R&D team provide the expertise and know-how needed to validate your concept. Contact us about your proof of principle project >

Proof of Principle

Not sure of the best way to plan ahead? No worries!

Our team will comprehensively assess your needs.