As US manufacturers continue to experience a workforce skills gap and labor shortage, companies have begun to look for programs and methods, including remote support, monitoring, and maintenance programs, to save time, money, energy, material, and human resources, and improve quality.

What was once a system enhancement and offering for the customer’s internal use, and Industry 4.0 implementation is a means to leverage technology to satisfy these needs.

AGR’s Director of Technology Development, Dr. Brian Romano, shares these topics as well as how i4.0 supports LEAN manufacturing at the NE LEAN Conference.

What is i4.0? [00:02:51]

9 Pillars of i4.0 [00:07:06]

AGR Uses 7 Pillars [00:10:08]

Links to LEAN–Sharing the Same Objective [00:10:34]

AGR Enables Machines for i4.0 [00:13:20]

What OEMs Are Seeing [00:15:10]

Why and What Is Missing in Industry? [00:17:00]

What Is Needed to Make Transition to i4.0? [00:17:50]

IIoT Integration Considerations (Expose Data>Collect>Apply>Analyze) [00:22:00]

Leveraging AR and AI [00:35:50]

Components of An i4.0 Support Program [00:40:20]

Questions from the Audience [00:40:45]

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Medical Device Company Saved Over $400,000 a Year with AGR

Cooper Surgical Testimonial: “This machine replaced an older machine we inherited in an acquisition. That machine was producing 60 brushes per minute compared to the AGR machine producing 360 brushes per minute, running flawlessly since 2011.”

Assembly Automation and the IIOT

“We put sensors in our machines. We put in PLCs to suck up the data. And, we installed software to do all the analytics,” he recalls. “That resulted in some fancy graphics and great analysis. We could look at a host of key performance indicators, including machine speed, bottlenecks, operator response time, and Pareto charts on downtime and scrap.

“It was great—except that our customers weren’t ready for it. They didn’t know what to do with it. Today, our customers are engaging us differently. We are being asked to provide more maintenance and support of the machine.