Change is a constant. Yet, many companies, especially in times of disruption, resist change while working to maintain stability, if not the status quo. At the Arthur G. Russell Company (AGR), a global manufacturer of custom, high-speed assembly machinery, we believe you need both change and stability to meet customer expectations. A case in point is the partnership between AGR and Cyalume Technologies, a world leader in chemical light solutions that after 50 years together continues to evolve.

When safety depends on light, the U.S. Armed Forces depend solely on Cyalume. As a manufacturer and supplier to the DoD, first responders and humanitarian relief agencies, ChemLight® is the go-to light stick that provides Illumination for tactical operations as well as emergency situations and recreational activities. But what happens if your supply chain is threatened. Or, your hard-to-fill positions become even harder to fill? What do you do in the middle of a global pandemic?

If you’re Cyalume, you keep working. You put health and safety protocols in place. And you never shut down, despite supply challenges and the continued struggle to find people who want to work in manufacturing. During the pandemic, Cyalume continued producing 70,000 light sticks on one 8-hour shift, maintaining volume while working safely and efficiently. What’s it all about? According to Joe Longo, Director of Engineering & Production Operations for Cyalume, “We don’t let people down.” The same can be said about AGR.

When we create a machine, we’re not married to a specific platform or technology. Instead, we custom design and build the machine to meet the customer’s goals today, tomorrow and for years to come. In fact, the machinery Cyalume relies on is the original equipment that AGR designed and built 50 years ago. According to Mr. Longo, “This machine kicks butt. It’s bomb proof.” But it also has the flexibility to grow with you. Most recently, sensors were added to address current safety requirements. Internal resources include a dedicated maintenance team that keeps an eye on the machinery to make sure it runs smoothly and correctly. Should a part need to be changed, replacement parts are available through AGR. Just as important, the machinery is easy to work on because you can see all the parts.

At our core, we solve problems. We collaborate with the customer and trade knowledge and stories, too. But not just at the beginning. We stay in touch, re-assessing your needs, if that’s

what’s called for, and always ready to help.



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