High-speed indexing machines offered by AGR are versatile and find applications in various industries that require automated high-speed assembly processes. These machines excel in efficiently assembling a wide range of products with speed, precision, and reliability.

Industries Benefiting from High-Speed Indexing

  1. Medical and Pharmaceutical Industries: High-speed indexing machines play a vital role in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. They are used for the assembly of medical devices, drug delivery systems, and pharmaceutical packaging. These machines ensure precise and sterile assembly processes, maintaining the quality and safety standards required in these industries.
  2. Automotive Industry: High-speed indexing machines are widely used in the automotive industry for the assembly of components such as engines, transmissions, braking systems, and electrical systems. These machines can handle the fast-paced production requirements of automotive manufacturers, ensuring precise positioning and efficient assembly of complex automotive parts.
  3. Electronics Industry: The electronics industry relies on high-speed indexing machines for the assembly of electronic devices, circuit boards, connectors, and other electronic components. These machines offer accurate and repeatable positioning, making them ideal for the precise assembly of intricate electronic products.
  4. Consumer Goods Industry: High-speed indexing machines are utilized in the consumer goods industry for assembling products like appliances, home electronics, toys, and small household items. These machines enable fast and reliable assembly, ensuring efficient production lines and meeting high consumer demand.
  5. Food and Beverage Industry: High-speed indexing machines find applications in the food and beverage industry for assembling packaging materials, bottling lines, and food processing equipment. These machines offer rapid and accurate assembly, facilitating efficient production lines and maintaining hygiene standards.
  6. Aerospace and Defense Industries: High-speed indexing machines are employed in the aerospace and defense sectors for the assembly of aircraft components, defense systems, and military equipment. These machines provide high load and speed capabilities, enabling efficient assembly processes for critical aerospace and defense applications.

These machines come in two variants: servo-driven systems and cam-driven systems. Both types offer unique advantages for different applications.

Cam-Driven Systems

AGR’s cam-driven systems are known for their speed, reliability, durability, cost-effectiveness, and ease of operation. They require low maintenance and have a long operational life. These systems provide controlled accelerations and decelerations, ensuring smooth and precise motion during the assembly process. They also offer accurate and repeatable positioning, consistent power requirements, and high load and speed capability.

AGR’s cam-driven systems offer:

      • Low maintenance
      • Long life
      • Controlled accelerations and decelerations
      • Accurate and repeatable positioning
      • Consistent power requirement
      • High load and speed capability
      • Smooth motion

Servo-Driven Systems

On the other hand, AGR’s servo-driven systems are characterized by their programmable motors and flexible positioning. These systems use servo motors that can be programmed to achieve specific motor movements and positions. This flexibility allows for customization and adaptability in assembly processes. Servo-driven systems are ideal when precise and flexible positioning is required for complex assembly operations.


Servo-driven systems offer:

      • Programmable motor
      • Flexible positioning

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