Our mastery in precision engineering is embodied in the advanced servo control systems integrated into the Servo-driven Over/Under Chassis. Experience precise control over assembly processes, ensuring every component is handled with the utmost accuracy and consistency. The intelligent servo system, custom-tailored for the demands of automated assembly, minimizes response times, optimizing efficiency and guaranteeing flawless execution of mechanical operations.

Versatility is at the core of our design philosophy. The over/under configuration of our chassis seamlessly integrates into automated assembly lines, offering unparalleled flexibility and adaptability for diverse assembly tasks. This design not only reduces setup time but also enhances overall adaptability, allowing for swift integration into existing automated assembly machines.

Key Features

Premium Aluminum Links

Precision-machined aluminum links, designed with low internal inertia, enhance loading capacity, accelerate index times, and reduce the need for a larger indexer to drive the conveyor.

Robust Steel Track

The track, composed of hardened and ground steel, ensures heightened rigidity, contributing to precise and reliable operational performance.

Maintenance-Free Cam Followers

Each link incorporates four sealed cam followers, providing durability without the need for ongoing maintenance.

Aluminum Extrusion Framework

The framework, crafted from aluminum extrusion, facilitates the creation of extended, straight lengths. It simplifies the mounting of conveyors and stationary items, eliminating the need for complex drilling and tapping.

Adaptable Center Frame

The center frame is customizable, allowing for the incorporation of holes, cutouts, or pass-throughs based on specific requirements.

Precision Accuracy

Achieve remarkable precision through the utilization of either a precision fixed rotary index drive or a low backlash gear reducer designed for servo applications.

Tailored Lengths

The system is adaptable to meet diverse needs, as it can be manufactured to accommodate virtually any required length.

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