Our high-performance vibratory feeders are equipped with automatic servo controls, adjustable vibration angle and feed rates up to 150′ per minute.

Vibratory bowl feeder diameters vary from 6 to 34″ diameter, in cast aluminum (CNC machined) stainless steel and composite materials.

Linear vibratory tracks can be constructed at any length, with feed rates up to 40′ per minute. High-performance rotary feeders with feed rates up to 1800 parts per minute.

Special tooling is provided by our skilled technicians, many with 30 years experience.

AGR Tower Feeder

Vibratory Feeder

Our high-performance vibratory feeders come equipped with cutting-edge features, such as automatic servo controls, adjustable vibration angles, and impressive feed rates of up to 150 feet per minute. These feeders are available in various configurations, including vibratory bowl feeders, linear tracks, and high-performance rotary feeders.


Vibratory Multi-Lane Feeder

Our vibratory multi-lane parts feeders are capable of orienting up to 1800 parts per minute. These machines meet OSHA and FDA regulations.

AGR Multi-lane Feeder
Parts Feeding

Rotary Bowl Feeder

Our Rotary Bowl Feeders are made for hanging parts up to 1800 per minute. And, with many years of 24 hour use, you know you can count on them.


Flex Feeder

Our Flex Feeders have a proven track record for high-speed assembly of medical products. And, we have a thorough understanding of all FDA requirements.

AGR Flex Feeder Robot

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