This cam-actuated, inline assembly chassis is capable of running any type of custom rack or pallet to fit your product.

Key Features

  • Expandable to fit the job
  • Dual camshafts with upper and lower tool mounting
  • Works as a stand-alone module or as an element of a larger system
  • Can be tooled on both sides
  • Standard, limited-lube tooling units
  • Speeds up to 70+ cycles per minute
  • Works as a stand-alone module, as an element of a larger system or integrated with manual operations
  • Standard, limited-lube tooling units are easily interchangeable. Pre-engineered tooling saves time in design and building, retooling or repair. Limited-lube tooling is perfect for cleanroom environments where contamination is an issue.
  • Up to 70+ cycles per minute to meet high production requirements.


  • Uses either a vertical or horizontal “comb and clamp” action that walks either the carrier pallet or the assembly itself through the process
  • Modular, metric chassis is designed for standard limited-lube tooling components; custom configuration for special tooling is also available
  • Indexing pitch can be easily adjusted to suit your requirements (1/2″– 8″)
  • Dual cone drive connects the upper and lower camshafts that synchronize the combing transfer mechanism. Precise mechanical actuation of the combing mechanism eliminates the need for additional locating mechanisms for accuracy in most applications.​​

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